A Cleaner"You"

A Natural way to cleanse your home or workspace!
Specializing in residential & small business environments.
Our friendly staff will not only get your space clean!
we will help you keep it clean!

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                                             Groupon and
   Living Social voucher holders! 
"Happy New Year" to everyone!

I want to thank all of you who have chosen
 A Cleaner "You" to come into your homes
and to those who have expressed continued interest in our service!
For those who have purchased more than 1 voucher
and want to use it on a second cleaning for themselves
 I will be adding a $10 an hour for the simple reason that it states in the fine print that you are allowed
 1 voucher per person and 1 as a gift!
Remember! Groupon is a stepping stone for
businesses to grow, retain and gain "new"  Clients!
My rates are subject to change after your initial visit!
Please... see the link below
to check our list of ZIP CODES that we service
If you purchase a Groupon and your zip code is outside of the 5 mile radius you are more than welcome to request a refund or pay a traveling fee
of a minimum of $20:00
so please read the fine print
 please click the word GROUPON below
to see the deal again before purchasing!

                   here are the details:
           we are available Mon. thru Sat. 9am to 6pm                 Sundays upon request @ time and a half!
        So if you have a voucher for $40 from Groupon
                          or $60 from Living Social!
               (living social will launch after Christmas)
you get 2 Groupon hours or 3 Living Social hours
                          if you need me on Sunday
              it will be an extra $20 per hour cash only!

                                            So here is a list of ZIP CODES
                                             that we service as of now!
"Click Me" for 5 mile radius
                                   Please enter 90038 in the search bar


           Do you or do you know someone who              needs a safer cleaning service?
  have them get in touch with me
  either via e-mail: cole@acleaneryou.com 
or by simply calling 
 (866) 352-2260

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